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CC Class Day: Don’t Put Compromising Pictures of Yourself on FB

Fortunately, PrezBo’s hair weathered the extreme heat of today’s College graduation ceremonies. A little after 9:30 am today, the class of 2013 marched with their gowns sticking to their sweaty under thighs. The Salutatorian, Yoshiaki Ko, made the first speech of the morning, discussing the “nexus” that Low Steps become when it’s nice out and […]

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GS Class Day: What’s Your Story?

Bright and early this morning, GS-ers took their turn at graduating on campus.  Led by a band playing hits like “Down By The Riverside,” the group of about 450 graduates walked to their seats.  Throughout the ceremony, an early morning fog gave way to a beautiful sunlit day, no doubt a sign of prosperity and […]

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1020: From Open to Close

It’s not unusual to wake up after a night at 1020 with some unexpected texts on your phone. In Bwog’s case, we woke up to find an interview in voice memo form. On Tuesday, two adventurous seniors, Anna and Diana (anonymity requested), CC and SEAS’13, decided to stay in 1020 from opening to closing. At […]

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SEAS 2013, There’s No Going Back

Last week, engineers took one small step toward the rest of their lives at the Engineering Consortium Career Fair. This week, the SEAS class of 2013 takes another bold step into the future and declares majors. Bwog spoke with one SEAS student who said that his emotional state as the time to declare his major […]

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Rocking and a-Rowling with CCSC

Harry and the Potters are coming to Columbia. Yes, they’re a real band—kind of like a wizardy version of They Might Be Giants. Anywho, the sophomores of CCSC decided to make a video about the upcoming Potterpalooza. Ryan Mandelbaum stars as a super badass Harry, and Deaton Jones plays a menacing Malfoy. Bwog was a […]

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All (in CC 2013) Hail Jasiulek/Habbu!

The results for the 2009 Fall Elections for the 2013 CCSC are in!  356 voters participated for a turnout of 32%. President – Alexander Jasiulek Vice-President – Karishma Habbu Representative – Dylan Lonergan Representative – Ryan Mandelbaum Representative – Kyle Schmidt Congratulations to all! Full results after the jump.

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2009 NSOP: Somebody Didn’t Think of the Children

Earlier this afternoon, the coordinators over at NSOP finally released their schedule book, a hefty pamphlet full of some orientation activities and some more advertising. The breakdown, day-by-day: Monday: Convocation, OL meetings, Class Act/College Night, blah, blah, etc. Tuesday: This year’s Lit Hum first class teacher? Gareth Williams. SEAS, on the other hand, gets the […]

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Your First Back-To-School Sign

The leaning tower of Lit Hum boxes has arrived! A word of advice to 2013: first-years who actually buy these books new are fools. Go for many, many sources of used books, and thank us later – that is, unless the increased demand inflates prices, in which case 2012 can thank us instead. We’re flexible. […]

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AltSpec: What Goes Around Comes Around

Image via Stop panicking about lil’ piggy flu.  We’ve found a way to make it politically incorrect. The only reason we have a potential pandemic is all those corrupt doctors.  Free Viagra be damned, we want our vaccine! The 2013’s are signing away their souls (on Facebook).  Columbia has the fewest downsides—compared to Cornell. […]

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Barnard Girls Beget More Barnard Girls

Yesterday, Barnard admissions email-blasted all 2,389 strong, beautiful women with a request:  help convince high school seniors that Morningside Heights is the place to be! Barnard’s luring ladies in with the promise of “a coupon for a free surprise gift” and hoping that they’ll either participate in a phone-a-thon evening or jot down an encouraging […]

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Campus Inundated With Prospective Students

Perhaps you’ve noticed the upsurge in would-be future Columbians on campus this past week; it’s been difficult not to, since they seem to outnumber pigeons (if only Hawkma could provide us so simple a solution).  Hordes of hopeful 2013s (and beyond!) are using their spring breaks to get acquainted with Alma, and Bwog has had reports […]

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