The Puppies Are Back!

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Things that are innocent in every way

Things that are innocent in every way

We figured y’all might need a few light-hearted things to round out this week. So did SWP the Puppy Coalition. To that end, your favorite stress-relievers — THE PUPPIES — are coming back to John Jay to banish your woes. Tomorrow from 2:00 to 3:30 in the John Jay and Furnald lounges, countless (okay, around four) canine companions will be waiting for your love and overly aggressive petting, with special guest of honor Mister Mattingly of previous Bwog fame making a comeback. We know Bwog will be first in line for some study breaking, stress relieving and general good feelings. Who doesn’t need that after this week?

The only living creatures Bwog wants to interact with via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous

    What day Bwog

  2. Anonymous  

    This week being what it's been, those puppies are going to be implicated in a cheating scandal or some shit.

  3. swp member

    For the record, and just to clear up a long held misconception, the student wellness project isnt(and has never been) the group that brings puppies to campus, as much as we love them. That credit goes to the puppy coalition, which is unrelated to us.

  4. Alum

    I'm pretty sure this means the apocalypse has been canceled.

  5. Anonymous  

    What kind of puppies will be there

  6. so

    Are these real puppies or just dogs we're calling puppies? It makes a difference...

    • Anonymous  

      theyre dogs. not puppies. this whole event is a fucking sham and im tired of it. fuck you, bwog for advertising this lie. fuck you student wellness for associating yourself with these asswipes. fuck you puppy coalition for selling yourself out to these disgusting old dogs, way past their prime. how're we supposed to releive ourselves from stress without real young, soft puppies... fuck this shit

      • Sparce Battlechip  

        Wow. I think you need to "relieve your stress" by jacking off a couple times. These dogs can make people happy regardless of how old they may be. Fuck you and your ageism. The last thing this campus needs is more discrimination.

        • Anonymous  

          what do you think im trying to do? i cant just get off to a bunch of old dogs, with their dried up selves to touch.

          way to be judgemental btw. you'd think at columbia we'd be more accepting of all sexualities, and not call it discriminatory to have different preferences than your own. #equal rights #marriage equality #congratsdelawareandrhodeisland

      • 14  

        "How're we supposed to releive ourselves from stress without real young, soft puppies... fuck this shit."

        This is the greatest comment I've ever read.

      • Lolita

        Is there a registered dog offenders list?

  7. Puppy Coalition  

    They are going to be here from 2:00 - 3:30!

  8. SEAS '13  

    Only at Columbia is petting puppies yet another stressful event. You have to wait in line to get a few minutes to touch a dog amidst a crowd of other groping arms. No thanks. I'll just wait a couple weeks when I'm back home with my dogs, where I can pet, hug, squeeze, wrestle with, and all-out smother them with affection, and where they can return it with disgusting, slobbery kisses.

  9. meow  

    where are the kittens?

  10. Coach Pete

    puppies are for nerds #BANGBANG #hahneeeeeerds

  11. Borat  

    How you cook this dog?

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