Bwog in Bed: Shitty Edition

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we get out of bed once and this is what we get

Everything is awful except for the Slow Loris.

Holy fucking shit the Slow Loris

Bwoglines: Randy Jackson leaves American idol. (E!) Carbon dioxide has not been this high in at least three million years. (NYT) You decide which is the greater tragedy.

Finals Tip: Don’t be a shitty person. Instead, drop out and become a cheese wit. (NYT)

Procrastinate: Make music with an NYC subway map while pretending you’ve been on the subway once this semester. Do not dwell on current events.


General displeasure

Here’s a video of Bwog trying to post harmless, inane news this week.

Every time we open our inbox via Shutterstock



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  1. Anonymous  

    Bwog, you know that the slow loris reacts that way because it's a fear response. It's petrified. The irony...

    • cla  

      Reading the youtube comments on the slow loris tickle video made me more sad than any of my finals :(

    • Anonymous  

      That particular loris does not appear to be afraid. If a slow loris felt threatened, it would probably bite its attacker, but it isn't showing any signs of aggression.

      That being said, it is indeed a terrible idea to keep them as pets because most people won't properly take care of one, and also because it supports the illegal trade of slow lorises (which also perpetuates inhumane treatment of them).

  2. Just fyi...  

    you might wanna alter the URL of the alpaca link. The video is embedded in the playlist of the author's favorite youtube videos which I'm not sure she'd want everyone to be privy to!

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