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After a week of campus imploding in nearly every way possible (still waiting on a legitimate protest of anything, though) in the midst of finals, Bwog thinks we all need a moment to give into that tingly feeling in the pit of your stomach, lean your head back, and just scream.  That’s right, tonight is the biannual Primal Scream, and we’re reposting our handy guide–so you can’t say you didn’t understand the directions.

  • If your clock or watch is not auto-synced to the NIST’s Cesium Fountain Atomic Clock (i.e. the Internet), make sure you’ve set it correctly. When in doubt, Bwog recommends a cell phone for superior accuracy.
  • At midnight, open your window or go outside.
  • Scream. Loudly. It should sound like this. Morningside Heights residents will wonder if you’ve been “skewered.”
  • Keep it short. Some of you will be tempted to scream for more than three minutes. Ignore this temptation.
  • If you have more stress than you can possibly release verbally, bring yourself, a pillow, and your “caged frustration” to Low Plaza for the 8th annual school-wide pillow fight. Rain or shine cold, dry darkness to parallel that of your soul, the festivities commence at midnight.

As always, send in your videos, audio clips, and pictures of both events to

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  1. @butler_209  

    oh u know it

  2. Anonymous  

    seriously, everyone stop using the phrase "yolo."

  3. cc13  


    The margins of my life thus far were set by weed and grinder.
    My mother doesn't like the weed but I don't really mind her.
    Senior year has come and gone. Time moves, you can't unwind her.
    But capitalism's calling, man, I've got to rise and find her

    I sit atop East Campus gazing out on glass and steel,
    While I wash my addie down with red bull, each and every meal.
    All I've ever learned is how to read and write my thoughts,
    And now they tell me in one month those skills will come to naught.

    One cannot live without a job, how could I eat or smoke?
    Life doesn't work without the funds. That's why they call it broke.
    But fuck exams, let's rage once more, drink scotch that tastes like oak.
    Seize the night and fight the dawn that brings its heavy yoke.

  4. Anonymous  

    teenage wasteland, its only teenage're fucked.

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