Bwog in Bed: Sex & Relationships

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Can you imagine what Bwog had to go through to find this

Bwoglines: Although there probably is serious news, Bwog still cares about Jennifer Aniston. In totally unrelated news, the new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, leaked yesterday, but if you really love Daft Punk you already have it.

Finals Tip: Have sex instead of studying for finals. According to the ever-reliable WebMD, it cures everything but cancer, as if you need a reason. Also this is the last time you will get to have sex without your parents your dog getting in the way.

Procrastinate: On the subject of things that crush your nuts, here is a machine that liquidizes everything. On a separate but related note, here is a stable link to a page of horse puns.

Overheard At JJs, obviously:

“Man, girls just do that sometimes. They point things out like it’s nothing. Guys are more insecure than they think.”


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  1. girl

    oh trust me we know you guys are all fucken insecure, sexually frustrated, pussies. that's why there are so many single people are columbia

  2. V119  

    why are there no FUCKING MEN ON THIS CAMPUS?!?

  3. Anonymous

    Just use google images. Just because you are stupid, don't mean we need be too

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