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tear down the wall!
tear down the wall!

A different sort of paywall

J-school professor Michael Shapiro is at it again, trying to get people paid for journalism. First it was through his Kickstarter-darling, The Big Roundtable. Now it’s with a class of his.

On May 9, they launched this thing called Project Wordsworth. Which makes Bwog either very happy, or very sad, depending how much poetry J-school students read. (Bwog does not think J-school students read very much poetry.)

Basically, you can read some good stories on a pleasingly laid-out website, and then either pay or not. Tagline: “What’s a good story worth to you?”

They seem pleasingly written to Bwog. Especially the one about condoms in porn. We bet that’s getting the most hits. So check it out. They’ve earned over $2,000 and gotten 100k hits on the site.

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  1. Anonymous

    "J-school professor Michael Shapiro is at it against..."

    Copy editing, Bwog. Copy editing.

  2. Many thanks for the shout-out and as I write the dollar figure stands at $2847 -- which translates into $167.47 per student (like a tip jar, we share). As for the big traffic driver/magnet. Ain't porn. It is...wait for it...Math! Yes, math. Like 80k uniques.

  3. yeah whatever

    How much do you want to bet that 167.46 of the 167.47 came from their Mom's. Clearly unsustainable.

  4. J-School13  

    I'm a J-Schooler and I read poetry!

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