Get Pumped: The Playlist

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photo cred Bwog's instagram
photo cred Bwog's instagram

It’s happening.

Much as you try to deny it, the school year is almost upon us.  To get ourselves jazzed about going back to school, Bwog remembered the songs that got us really pumped about “g01ng t0 c0llEg3 1n nEw Y0Rk C1tyYyyy.”  You know what we’re talking about: that song you played on repeat for the entire month of August before NSOP, that made you shimmy with delight at the prospect of starting college on one of the most famous islands in the world.  Without further ado, first years and upperclassmen, we present you with your official, dutifully outdated packing playlist.  Leave your own guilty pleasure special song in the comments:

Campus today via Bwog’s Instagram

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  1. Diamond in the Rough
    New York, New York by Statik Selektah ft. Styles P Saigon Jared Evan

  2. CC 2013

    brb, weeping inconsolably.

  3. industry

    what a surface list

  4. senior

    Take the A Train, Duke Ellington
    Central Park West, John Coltrane

  5. Spotify?

    Love the tunes - quick suggestion: you should put these playlists on Spotify and give us the link!

  6. Anonymous

    When you caught between the moon and New York City...

  7. Sprinkles

    Ben E. King - Spanish Harlem

  8. Anonymous

    Spanish Harlem- Beruit

  9. Freddy Madball

    N.Y. Police State, Agnostic Front

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