Bwog’s Guide To Campus: A Video

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Happy Tuesday! Today, we’ve given you first-year’s first impression of the Iliad, and some relevant campus history. Some of the best advice, though, is the simplest: how to actually get around this new place you call home. Despite campus’ relatively small size, it has its own host of frustrating and illogical geography that our trusty video team has broken down for you. You’ll never mix up music!Dodge with sports!Dodge again. You’ll learn what the hell that giant glass structure on 120th actually is. Unfortunately, we still can’t explain Lerner’s architecture.

If you think you can make a better video than this one, then join Bwog’s video team! Shoot an email to bragging about all your cinematography skills, and we’ll get you behind (or in front of) the camera in no time.

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    I, too, know how to use imovie.

  2. Anonymous  

    Your narrator has the voice of an angel.

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