On Barnard, Vaginas, and the People There That Have Them

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strong beautiful barnard women
strong beautiful barnard women

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Every so often, Bwog receives something unusual in our inbox.  Tonight we received this gem, from email address “BCBwogAnon” with this post’s title as subject line, and wanted to share it with you in full:

“-Barnard’s quad is practically bursting at the seams with unreleased sexual excitement.  Myself, and most other Barnard students, are just trying to “get some” before NSOP is over.

-I applied to Barnard because I wanted a small school in the city with vast resources.   Three days in and I’m already preparing my transfer application…

-If I hear one more BC girl mention her private boarding school, how she’s paying full tuition, or her unprecedented opinion, I may go back to Cleveland.”
BCBwogAnon, we’re here to help:
  1. Get it, girl.  But, you know, safely.
  2. Is Barnard not a small school in the city with vast resources?  Give it more than three days, you’ll see.  Trust.
  3. Well if it’s good enough for DVF, it’s good enough for you.


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  1. This

    comment thread is not going to end well.

  2. ........why?  

    This is sad

    You just posted some random bitter post that characterizes thousand of students as some spoiled, dumb, sex deprive whores.

    Why? Why do you go out of your way to perpetuate this culture of hate on campus?


    If you're reading this, please note that:

    A. I've met Barnard students who are some of the most talented, smart, and overall awesome people I've ever met
    B. Most people at Columbia are not like Bwog - They are actually nice people, who don't go out of their way to insult others. Please join this group and not Bwog

  3. Moodacris

    Moo bitch, get out the way

  4. Public School

    Don't hate on rich kids. We can't help that we're rich.

  5. Just for reference  

    You are literally no longer allowed to criticize any aspect of Barnard (including their desolate potted plants display) without a horde of angry feminists descending upon you.

    Just try it.

  6. Anonymous  

    The Ohio State University has a seat with your name on it!

  7. dang

    as a rising barnard sophomore, i can honestly say that nsop was hell. i love barnard to death but neither i no anyone i know enjoyed that week...

  8. '14  

    Everyone wants to transfer during their first semester. You're not special, froshie.

  9. Van Owen

    Barnard, irrelevant since 1983.

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