He gets you.

He gets you.

A freshman emailed Bwog in the heat of his despair:

“The living situation in Hartley, John Jay, and Wallach is becoming a huge problem. People sleep with fans next to their faces, wake up sweating, and have to take multiple showers per day. It’s even boiled down to people crashing in Carman just for the air conditioning. When does summer end again?”


We’ve heard weather dances don’t work, but we can tell you to buy a fan and head to the air-conditioned libraries/continue your Carman sleepovers. If you were thinking about taking out your window stops, read an email we were forwarded:

Hey guys,

If you don’t know me, I’m [name redacted]–the RA on [floor redacted].

The super spoke to me this morning about uninstalled window stops. He can see that a lot of you have uninstalled them from looking up at the building from the street. He also has keys to all of your suites and can go see for himself if they’ve been uninstalled.

Housing is setting up fines for uninstalling your window stops. If you have removed them, please put them back in. If you’ve been considering taking them out–lucky you! You’ve procrastinated just long enough to save yourself hundreds of dollars in fines.

I know it’s ridiculously hot. My room is ridiculously hot too. But suffering is better when we all do it together, so to those of you basking in the cool air wafting in because you don’t have window stops: join us.


[name redacted]

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