Calm Down About The East Asian Library

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Last week, rumors abounded that the East Asian Library was implementing a major policy change. Our Columbia-trained reactive minds got irrationally angry and readied our protest signs, assuming it was similar to the one implemented in Uris during finals last year–no undergraduates allowed.

However, a short email exchange with the director of the East Asian Library, Jim Cheng, revealed that only a small section of the library will have seating preferences for graduate students: specifically, two tables at the back of the reading room. As Mr. Cheng says, “the East Asian Library will be designating two tables in the back of the reading room as having seating preference for graduate students during the fall semester. … In addition, there is a small group of study carrels that were added downstairs last year that will be assigned to PhD students by the department.”

tl;dr undergraduates are still allowed access to the rest of the library as long as you don’t sit on the two tables with the ‘graduate students only’ markers.  Put the protest signs down.

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  1. Brick Tamland

    I don't know what we're yelling about.

    [shouts] Loud noises.

  2. hmm  

    That's still fucking irritating.

    • EALAC Grad Student

      Look, I can understand getting upset about the Uris restrictions last semester. I can understand getting upset about SIPA students' nasty attitudes toward undergrads in Lehman. Everybody at Columbia needs a space where they can study without fear of harassment or negative judgment.

      That said, the East Asian Library is only reserving two tables and a group of study carrels for graduate students. I and a lot of other grad students don't live on or near campus, so it's a relief to hear that there's some space set aside for us. Are you really that starved for a place to go?

  3. Anonymous  

    I'm into the New Girl references.

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