Man Shot on 123rd and Amsterdam

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According to an email that Public Safety just sent out to the “ALLCU_MS” listserv, a man was shot on 123rd street and Amsterdam:

Dear Member of the Morningside Community,
Police activity 123 St and Amsterdam Ave non-affiliate male shot avoid the area. Update to follow.

Check back on this post for further coverage as the situation develops

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  1. Anonymous  

    Holy shit, these events always seem distant and inconsequential, but this one is actually scaring me. 123rd and Amsterdam is not far away and I am in that area frequently.

  2. Anonimal  

    Where was my further updates?

  3. puelto rico lo hace mejol kbron  

    Big deal, when I was in my hometown for June I heard gunshots at least twice a week, almost always between midnight and 3AM.

    ...that is the most depressing thing I've ever written.

  4. Anonymous  

    When grammar goes to the wayside, these things seem much more frightening.

  5. Anon  

    Why was this not also sent via text?

  6. stop and frisk

    when a Columbia student eventually gets shot by an illegal handgun in the community, maybe campus politics may shift rightward ever so slightly...

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