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This is not a drill. Bwog has received 3 tips that Kanye is somewhere near Kent and Avery. Our eyes on the ground didn’t get a photo, but we received two from twitter user @shelanty. We’re still working to find out why he’s here. Please send any info to!

Update, 11:45 am: More pictures, courtesy of Sean Delanty, lucky bastard:

Update: According to twitter user @yosoymichael, Kanye got into his car on Broadway and left. Everyone can go back to our normal lives.

From Sean:

Right around 10 am, I was walking to my10:10 class in Schermerhorn when I saw him emerge from Avery. At first I was completely dumbfounded — he walked past me but I just froze, unable to process the fact that Yeezus was mere feet away from me. But I quickly got it together and proceeded to follow him as he walked with his bodyguard from Avery to a car that was waiting for him at the 116 & Broadway gates.

I really wanted to stop him and try to get a few words in — I’m a rather huge fan of his music — but I was totally intimidated by the brisk pace that he and his guard were walking at. I remember there were rumors that he had been doing architectural work at Columbia, so maybe that’s why he was on campus.

So yeah, this was a pretty damn surreal way to start my Tuesday Wednesday. I could barely focus at all during my Arts of China lecture right after all of this went down.

Bwog does remember this little piece of news.  Maybe related?

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  1. Dog the Bounty Hunter  

    was about to go on a Qanye Quest

  2. Kanye luver  

    I guess it's never too early to start looking at colleges for North

  3. Peaches  

    Yeezy did not teach me...

  4. Anonymous

    strangely underwhelming

  5. CC

    Ni**as in Ferris: and this time, it's for reals.

  6. Does this mean

    Yeezus for Bacchanal 2014?

  7. Registrar

    He tried to make it in time for late registration, but we had to remind him that he's a college dropout.

  8. J  

    Locking down the naming rights to the North West corner building. @jesschi

  9. Anonymous

    "Yo Columbia I'm really happy for y'all and imma let you finish, but Princeton had the best ranking of the year!"

  10. Anonymous

    Kanye checking out concert sites.

  11. SweetNSourSauce  

    Bacchanal committee really dropped the fucking ball on this one. YEEZUS WORLD TOUR: LOW STEPS 2014

  12. Anonymous

    I thought today was Wednesday

  13. Anonymous

    Imma let you finish but Femsex is the best thing ever. (Applications due today. Today!)

  14. Anonymous  

    guys he was just checking out his daughter's namesake aka noco chill out

  15. Anonymous  

    Well I guess those "Ds, mothafucka Ds!" are the Ds in P/D/F.

  16. cbrutha

    youre the frickin man, a cunning linguist if you well. that post lightened up my day

  17. Qanye Quest

    This is stupid as shit

  18. Qanye Quest

    This is stupid as shit.

  19. So pissed  

    I have been listening to "Power" for the past 48 hours. I'm pretty sure I like ritually summoned Kanye to this campus and yet I have not seen him

  20. Beartrainer

    Imma let you finish, but this post made my day!

  21. Anonymous  

    why does kanye need a bodyguard?

  22. ballerinadalek  

    A yo Avery! I'm let you finish but what lies in Lewisohn would be the best fit for Yeeze...of all time...

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