This is not a drill. Bwog has received 3 tips that Kanye is somewhere near Kent and Avery. Our eyes on the ground didn’t get a photo, but we received two from twitter user @shelanty. We’re still working to find out why he’s here. Please send any info to!

Update, 11:45 am: More pictures, courtesy of Sean Delanty, lucky bastard:

Update: According to twitter user @yosoymichael, Kanye got into his car on Broadway and left. Everyone can go back to our normal lives.

From Sean:

Right around 10 am, I was walking to my10:10 class in Schermerhorn when I saw him emerge from Avery. At first I was completely dumbfounded — he walked past me but I just froze, unable to process the fact that Yeezus was mere feet away from me. But I quickly got it together and proceeded to follow him as he walked with his bodyguard from Avery to a car that was waiting for him at the 116 & Broadway gates.

I really wanted to stop him and try to get a few words in — I’m a rather huge fan of his music — but I was totally intimidated by the brisk pace that he and his guard were walking at. I remember there were rumors that he had been doing architectural work at Columbia, so maybe that’s why he was on campus.

So yeah, this was a pretty damn surreal way to start my Tuesday Wednesday. I could barely focus at all during my Arts of China lecture right after all of this went down.

Bwog does remember this little piece of news.  Maybe related?