Bwoglines: Quit While You’re Ahead Edition

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They’re actually discussing travel plans

Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad‘s skeezy lawyer and resident snappy dresser, is getting his own spinoff series. The world can only hope this means there’s a possibility of a Huell-centric spinoff, too (Hollywood Reporter).

Why Bwog doesn’t go fishing and, to be honest, is a little uncomfortable swimming in the ocean. (Grind)

Looks like Miley and John Jay aren’t the only things that have recently showed a wild streak; this 73-year-old woman was just arrested for a string of car-keyings (that’s definitely not a real word). It’s the rush, man (Gawker).

And now, a major contender for this week’s most ridiculous headline: Orangutans Plan Their Trips Like Humans, Tell Others Their Future Travel Plans (International Business Times).

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