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Not actually what the party space looks like

Not actually what the party space looks like

It’s baaaaack: CCSC’14, ESC’14, and SGA’14 all bring you seniors the first Lerner Pub of the year tonight at 10 p.m. Head to the Lerner Party Space armed with your state I.D. and Columbia I.D. (you need both!) to enjoy some crowds and Columbia-provided beer. The space can only accommodate 250 people at a time (exclusivity!!!), so plan accordingly. A.k.a., a bigger deal than Senior Night. Also offered: ¬†free Mel’s meat & vegetarian burgers. Your student council wants you to be well-fed while you drink. Get in on the event here, and go party with your fellow seniors. Underclassmen: you’re really not invited to this. Go home.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Ambience music is not a thing. You meant ambient music. And even then you would be wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    Build a pub in Lerner.

  3. CC'14  

    Worst wine I've tasted in my entire life.

  4. Anonymous  

    lies. there were no burgers.

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