1. LOL  

    I saw him express these sentiments in person during a Spec Business recruiting session (open to anyone, by the way), so I figured it was only a matter of time. It went along the lines of, "You could be treasurer of one of your cute no-name clubs like CFIG that doesn't actually do anything, or you could join Spec Business."

    Keep it classy. Oh, and Sports >>> Business.


  2. We all know  

    Bwog shits on Spec

  3. This is weird  

    for the first time in my life, I have a slight interest in Spec....

    oh never mind, it's gone

  4. YOLO  

    It's upsetting that the shitheadedness of one individual can affect how people on campus think of Spec. I have a few friends that give everything to Spec, working 30-40 hours a week, and this is the exposure they're getting by affiliating themselves with this guy.

  5. The Phantom Shadow  

    FACT: Spec finished its last semester with an ending balance of $1 (even wid spect alum support)
    FACT: dum Spect chews up and shits out its business analysts, promoting the ones that stay within a semester while other divisions undergo rigorous "turkey shoots"
    FACT: Speccies regularly donate sperm and bone marrow to pay for the costs of their "daily" newspaper

    the spec sucks.

  6. Anonymous  

    lol @ this defense. "well those clubs are shitty anyway!"

  7. Anonymous  

    Can't we all just agree that all clubs everywhere are full of self-important assholes?

    [I'm in like four different clubs =( ]

  8. Anonymous

    CORE is bringing in Jack Dorsey, the Co-Founder of Twitter to Columbia. Tickets are out for all of Roone. I certainly wouldn't call CORE a mickey-mouse club...

  9. No TRUE Columbian  

    evr makes mistakes or typographical errors

  10. anon  

    Yep, and they're all still bullshit groups

  11. anon  

    Lets be honest anyone on any of these list servs know there is like 3 events a semester these clubs do and the rest is spam. mickey-mouse club is true. But spec does suck

  12. I dont draft emails, mofuckah I send em  

    I hope this has a sort of Kendrick Lamar "Control" verse type response, where many other clubs are meant to feel offended, then realize its beyond their capability to mount any sort of actual response, and sort of affirm the truth of the original message.

  13. a

    who else is surprised that the picture doesn't say "netiquette"

  14. Anonymous  

    Can't events say what you think on youR own listserv...

  15. Anonymous

    Yes, because sending a listserv email with has zero slurs, no off the record information, and no actual name-calling is a fantastic reason to resign.

    This is a Joe Biden gaffe, not a Barbara Morgan gaffe. Speaking of which, this isn't American politics. This is a fucking university. You'll graduate in 2, 3, 4 years and you'll realize there are far more important things out there for people to resign over. Get over yourself.

    But if anyone should resign, it should be the person who wrote this and the person who allowed this to go up. Very petty even for you, Bwog.

    A+ for ground-breaking journalism. Let me know when the Pulitzer arrives.

  16. Anonymous  

    that moment when you sign up for 20 listservs... and they keep spamming you for 20 years despite your pleas for removal

    Also people, please don't reply all when pleading for removal

  17. Anonymous

    >implying spec serves a purpose other than resume padding

    Oh wait I forgot it also serves to fuel Columbia's PR machine

    • Actually  

      @Anonymous: Yes. The business staff at Spec, to my knowledge, sells ads, does fundraising with alumni and supporters, markets content, and hosts sponsored events to cover the operating costs for the paper. (Spec isn't a Columbia club and therefore receives no funding from CU so as to remain objective towards the CU administration.) So yeah, serving on Spec business does do more than put a line on your resume. Unlike these mickey mouse bullshit clubs like CORE, CFIG, etc. Spec business keeps an independent business afloat. If you actually think these phony CU clubs do anything real you're another delusional self-serving Columbia finance prick.

  18. whatever.  

    You know why I hate posts like this? Because it gives random people a reason to shit all over some person for a stupid reason. The guy sends one email to the wrong people and suddenly he has people attacking every aspect of his character. Like I don't need to know if you think he has a Napolean complex. REALLY? And it always happens a few times a semester.

  19. listserv lover  

    It might be just me, but I subscribe to many newsletters of the mentioned clubs and they are sources for my finance and consulting recruiting agenda. Those clubs also invite employers over to host info-sessions, coffee chats and other useful events. Not all student clubs are the same. Running a profitable (break-even?) balance sheet is great, but providing anxious juniors (like me) with networking opportunities is equally worth mentioning.

    But again, I'm just a listserv lover...

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