A Real Thing

Typically in listserv fuck-up posts, we remind you to never ever hit “reply all.” This time, however, we have a cautionary tale of checking the “send” line so you don’t reveal your egotistical jackass-ery to the full listserv and end up offending someone.

Spec’s Publisher sent an email tonight that was supposed to go to just the Business Staff, but instead went to All Staff on the Spectator. After a list of boring business-y stuff, he wrote the following:

“3) MBA Mixer at 5: totally optional. starting last year, MultiCultural Business Association (with the clever abbreviation, MBA) has hosted an annual mixer for all business related students groups. Feel free to come to explore other business opportunities at CU, recruit bright young minds to Spec, and most importantly, watch us shit all over the mickey-mouse bullshit clubs that serve no purpose beyond spamming a listserv and hosting one panel per year. On nothing.”
(Formatting Bwog’s own)

A minute later,he sent another email, saying:

“Sorry all; that was meant for business staff. All above still applies.”

Ten minutes later, someone anonymously tipped it to us, saying “i’m a leader of a ‘mickey mouse bullshit club.'”

For your reference, these are the groups that can now be offended:

  • Columbia-China Law Business Association (CCLBA)
  • Columbia Financial Investment Group (CFIG)
  • Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE)
  • Columbia Women’s Business Society (CWBS)
  • Columbia University Financial Engineering (CUFE)
  • Economics Society
  • Multicultural Business Association (MBA)
  • Spectator Business Division
  • And more!

Moral of the story: don’t be mean. But if you’re going to be mean, look at “To” line before hitting “send.”

Netiquette via Shutterstock