Bwoglines: Gettin Paid Edition

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Bwog gets paid the big bucks...

Bwog makes it rain

Breaking News: College students don’t always earn salaries they want; blame it on their alma mater. Columbia’s Andrew Delbanco reports. (NYT)

The situation in Syria is still unclear, but it appears U.S.-funded weapons may now be reaching Syrian rebels. (NPR)

An Egyptian court has frozen the assets of top Muslim Brotherhood officials, although the freeze may only be temporary. (ABC)

Microsoft is launching a $40 billion buyback of its shares, reflecting the CFO’s “commitment to returning cash to our shareholders.” (USA Today)

And finally, the N.I.H. has allotted $40 million of its $100 million brain initiative budget, with one of the private partners in the initiative stating, “They’ve given the vision for a grand challenge … They just need to get the money.” (NYT)

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