Bwoglines: Complex Edition

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That's what a cruise ship is supposed to be doing.

That’s what a cruise ship is supposed to be doing.

Columbia professor Carl Hart has studied the choices that crack addicts make. (NYT)

Salvaging, or “parbuckling”, a huge cruise ship is not easy. (the Atlantic)

Living in one of these new 100-square foot apartments in South Harlem would be tricky. “‘They are like dorm rooms but more expensive,’ said third-floor resident Kevin Mangan, 22, a Columbia University senior”. (New York Daily News)

Federal law enforcement officers believe they know how the Navy Yard shooting yesterday unfolded. (USA Today)

You think Columbia Admirers (which is back, btw), is a bad use of Facebook? Teenagers in Chicago are using social media to fuel gang wars. (Facebook, Wired)

Unsunk cruiser via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous  

    The apartment article fucking pissed me off. Do you realize that humans have spent most of their time living in tents and huts? Even today, 250 climate controlled, safe, healthy, clean square feet would be a luxury for much of the world. My room here is 97 square feet and it has absolutely no impact on my happiness.

  2. Kevin Mangan  

    When she interviewed me, I had no idea the article would sound so negative. She kind of twisted my words - when she asked me about my "micro-apartment" I told her it's not THAT micro...

    I happen to really like my apartment - definitely an over dramatic article.

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