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Bwoglines: Complex Edition

Columbia professor Carl Hart has studied the choices that crack addicts make. (NYT) Salvaging, or “parbuckling”, a huge cruise ship is not easy. (the Atlantic) Living in one of these new 100-square foot apartments in South Harlem would be tricky. “‘They are like dorm rooms but more expensive,’ said third-floor resident Kevin Mangan, 22, a […]

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Some Football Players’ Bigoted Tweets

In light of yesterday’s news that sophomore Chad Washington was charged with a hate crime and the allegations that more people were involved in the incident, many were intrigued by the CU Football team’s impressively unprotected Twitter accounts. An hour ago, WKCR Sports tweeted a link to an Imgur album with a good number of […]

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Lecturehop: The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

A few months ago, Malcolm Gladwell discussed social media’s limits in a New Yorker article with the above subtitle.   Journalist and researcher Evgeny Morozov may not share Gladwell’s beloved frizzy halo of hair, but they both recognize a dark side of internet activism. Evgeny Morozov spoke at the Journalism School on Tuesday about The Net […]

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WikiLeaks Could Affect You, Too!

Students eyeing federal government positions, beware. The U.S. State Department has barred its staffers from reading classified documents released via WikiLeaks. A SIPA alumnus working in the State Department saw fit to email SIPA’s Office of Career Services to warn students against linking to any leaked documents on social media sites as well, as it could […]

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