Overheard: The Ultimate Wave of Feminism

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A quick mock-up of what he might look like

A quick mock-up of what he might look like

A tipster on Barnard’s Lehman Lawn overheard this epic accomplishment:

I had sex with Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s great grandson last night! It literally doesn’t get more Barnard than that.

Bwog agrees that that is as Barnard as it gets.

Scientific reconstruction via Wikimedia

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  1. CC alum

    I have no idea who Elizabeth Cady Stanton is, since if there's one thing I learned from the Core, it's that only dead white men matter

  2. Had it been Elizabeth Cady Stanton's great-granddaughter, THAT would have been even "more Barnard."

    (cue raaagggggeeeeee)

  3. Demetrius Cady Stanton  

    And I still objectified you!

  4. Anonymous

    Wait can we know who this kid is?

  5. bc 14  

    She was born in 1815; it's unlikely this was her great-grandson. More like great-great-great grandson.

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