Found: Dragon Head

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The best way to block a fire exit

Bwog’s collective lost-and-found dreams all came true yesterday when a tipster sent in the following email:

Subject: RE: Dragon head found

From: Columbia Housing

Time: 3:08 PM

Dear residents,

A dragon head was found on the 15th floor in the corridor by facilities earlier this morning. We ask that any personal items be placed inside your room to avoid items being stolen or blocking any any fire egresses. Thank you.


Columbia Housing

Kids these days and their damn dragon heads. Because this is a thing that happens.

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  1. not dragon dance  

    but it was a lion

  2. Anonymous  

    Well that explains why my hydra came home today with an extra head.

  3. daenerys targaryen

    sorry guys

  4. Heyo

    I can't say this news affects my life in any major way.

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