Bwoglines: Things that Shouldn’t Be Happening Are Happening Edition

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Yesterday, Morningside Heights got five-ish minutes of rain. Other parts of the country got tornadoes and October snow. (USNews, Chicago Tribune)

a don't-panic button to get you through these strange times

a don’t-panic button to get you through these strange times

The Columbia men’s XC team (ranked #27 in the nation) beat Tulsa (#7) and Princeton (#9) at the Notre Dame Invitational yesterday. This development should cause us to not be number 27 when rankings come out later this week. (FloTrack)

The government is still shut down. For someone, somewhere, that means free food. (BBC)

And in case you weren’t already mad at/scared of the nation’s capital after this week, a man set himself on fire  at the National Mall yesterday. (NPR)



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  1. Bwog

    talks about all of this but barely mentions the assault of a SEAS alum a week ago

  2. Small Correction  

    It was expected for Columbia XC to do very well this year, so doesn't quite fall in to the "shouldn't be happening" category.

    Still, thanks for the shout out. Pretty cool to be a top 10 team in a sport that every school has!

    NCAA Regionals are at Van Cortland Park (240th st off the 1 line)
    on November 15th. Come cheer on an (obviously) phenomenal team!!

  3. Anonymous  

    I'll probably get downvoted for this, but I've always thought that sports "shouldn't be happening" at a supposed school.

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