Rejoice! It’s the First Hawkma Sighting of the Year

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2013-10-05-07.57.04 A wonderful tipster has brought to our attention the very first Hawkma sighting of the year. In the early hours of this gray, foggy Saturday morning, our ethereal goddess Hawkma was spotted perched on a lamppost on South Lawn, renewing our faith as we plow through midterms (still). As always, Hawkma appeared stately, majestic, and elegant.

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  1. second  

    but that spectrum post about it on JJ10 doesn't count

  2. also

    definitely saw him tearing into his prey near furnald last month

    feathers flying the air and shit

    • ditto  

      i had never before seen hawkma (maybe i'm a bad bird watcher) but he definitely was tearing apart a pigeon or something on a tree near furnald and the j school last month.

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