Swingers Invite Ty Cobb to Stay

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Good morning sunshine.

Good morning sunshine.

Bwog was tipped about an interesting addition to a double in the LLC. Check out the picture and post below.

Sometimes even a double can feel lonely, which may explain why a pair of roommates chose to welcome a life-size poster of baseball player Ty Cobb into their home. Now, it serves as a welcoming and terrifying surprise every time they open their door (or leave it open).

One member of the duo claims they found this treasure in the tunnels beneath the LLC and adds, “We found this man, lost in a storage room, and just knew we needed to provide him a better home.” His accomplice wished to insert a final remark: “What was once out of their league is now in their bedroom.”

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  1. Wesley Fricks

    I would love to have the life size poster.

    Either the picture was printed backwards or the photo is backwards. The D belongs on the other chest.

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