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cuz you can!
cuz you can!


As we announced earlier, after an interesting turn of events, there will be a direct election for the University Senate.  There will be a debate in the Lerner Satow Room on Sunday from 4:30-5:30 pm and polls will open next Wednesday.  The candidate list has just been announced and is as follows:

  • Conor Skelding
  • Alexander Andresian
  • Yassamin Issapour
  • David Kang
  • David Froomkin
  • Marc Heinrich
  • Samer Ozeir
  • Manik Uppal
  • Jacob Johnson
  • Cameron Demsey

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  1. Anonymous  

    How many of these are freshmen?

  2. Anonymous  

    how many of these are girls?

  3. samer ozeir  

    what a fucking joke

  4. Anonymous  

    Marc Heinrich is an ass don't vote for him

  5. Anonymous  

    conor skelding is the only legit candidate

  6. Vote for Pedro  

    Instead of voting for these fucks write in Pedro, he offers you his protection!

  7. Senior Wisdom

    Alex Andresian knows what's up. He's been involved with both student council and Senate before. Let the man do his thing and represent CC!

  8. Anonymous

    According to the faculty handbook,

    "The University Senate was established by the Trustees after a University-wide referendum in 1969. It succeeded to the powers of the University Council, which was created in 1890 as a body of faculty, deans, and other administrators to regulate inter-Faculty affairs and consider issues of university-wide concern"

    This is a conscious departure from not only administrative power, but also faculty, in an effort to include students in university governance (faculty currently occupy a majority of senate seats).The administration is rightly represented within the university senate with 2 seats for [regular] administrators and 9 seats for senior administrators. While their influence clearly extends beyond the jurisdiction of the senate, there is no reason for students to roll over in the one arena that has been sanctioned for us to to speak truth to a bloating administration.


  9. seriously  

    Dave Kang might be a chill dude, but seriously one of the most power hungry, overinvolved people I know.

    Marc and Alex seem like the top dogs here.

  10. Here's an idea  

    How about everyone show up to the debate on Sunday at 4:30 and judge the candidates based on the merits of what they say? This kind of popularity-contest mentality is exactly why CCSC wanted to avoid holding a direct election in the first place.

  11. Anonymous  

    How was this list ordered?

  12. david kang

    transferred from a subpar state school and walks around thinking he's the shiiiiit. please no

  13. Shah  

    Froomkin should not be elected under any circumstances.

  14. Shah  

    Vote for Yassamin Issapour

  15. lololol  

    Is D-Froom really trying again?

  16. Anonymous


  17. Anonymous  

    Munna is the best!

  18. Anonymous  

    ConCon!!!! <3

  19. Uche  


  20. Conor Skelding  

    is a human being and really cool

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