1. srsly  

    if you are sick, please don't spread your illness in butler! aint nobody got time to get sick bc you didn't cover your cough/stay in bed/medicate yourself.

  2. Blunts in Butler

    Dude. Don't get snot on my bong.

  3. Alice!  

    A little clarification from your friends at Alice!

    Extra vitamin C once ill and products like Airborne are really going to result in two things: 1) separating you from your money, and 2) making your urine bright yellow (body excreting extra vitamin C it cannot absorb).

    Vitamin C is great for your health, but only when consumed in regular moderate amounts over time. Once you are ill it does not help.

    If not yet sick, be sure to get your flu shot ( and most importantly - WASH YOUR HANDS.

    A few simple prevention steps - no illness for you!


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