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As reported a few weeks ago, SIPA professor Prabhjot Singh was attacked in a hate crime.  Many of you were interested in finding an organization to support in response to the attack.  We reached out to Professor Singh and, after a deluge of emails, press conferences, more press, and calls of support, he was able to respond:

At the moment, we’re continuing our work in Harlem through City Health Works, which is building a financially sustainable network of community health workers based upon lessons we’ve learned from dozens of global settings. Hundreds of people in the community have reached out over the past two weeks, and I get stopped on the street daily on the way home with kind words of support. My only hope is that Columbia students really get to know the incredible community that lives next door before they move on, and I’d be happy to think through how to make this happen in a substantive way if that’s of interest.

So get at it, dear readers, bring some good to the community.

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    Suck on it, racists. Human camaraderie is stronger than your hate.

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