Bwoglines: Tell Us How You Really Feel Edition

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"Did you hear about Zuck?"

“Did you hear about Zuck?”

Surprise, surprise: New Yorkers weren’t afraid to give their opinions on anything from where the most yuppies live to where the most beautiful people live. Don’t worry, we won the most beautiful parks. (Business Insider)

As if the president isn’t getting enough crap from Congress right now, Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old shot by the Taliban for promoting girl’s education in her native Pakistan, confronted Obama at the White House on Friday about U.S. drone strikes. (CNN)

Mark Zuckerberg decided that since he can, he bought four houses surrounding his private home. We get it, Mark; YOU’RE RICH. (CNET)

Republicans and Democrats are finally over the crossed-arms-and-pouty-lip phase of the government shutdown and have finally started to have big kid talks about what to do.(CBS News)

The Statue of Liberty ain’t got time for this government shutdown business. She wants to re-open and she will starting today. (ABC News)

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