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Columbia doesn’t officially recognize Columbus Day, but that doesn’t mean the day is free from controversy. For one thing, it is still an officially-sanctioned government holiday. Since there is literally nothing Columbia students can’t argue about, and yeah, this is an important issue, it’s no surprise that there are posters everywhere. Over the past week, most of them have come from CUCR’s barbecue advertising, but today we’ve been seeing posters everywhere with slogans about Indigenous Peoples Day. They range from the provocative to the informative:

UPDATE: Those people you may have noticed on College Walk earlier were also part of protests against Columbus Day and not, as you may have thought, students who simply fell down and gave up on their way to study for midterms. In all seriousness, this group put themselves out there today both mentally and physically, and it was an impressive sight. The protest, described as a “Die-In,” was staged in support of Indigenous Peoples Day. For more information on Indigenous Peoples Day, check out this Berkeley-based organization with an awesomely long acronym.

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  1. Anonymous

    Tehy jus med cuz Columbus fukd tehr bich. He had 2 muhc sweg 4 tehm.

  2. Anonymous

    True story: They were trying to protest CUCR's barbecue, but couldn't find it. Apparently they couldn't figure out where Van Am is.

  3. News flash

    Protest it today, wait till your working 60 hours a week to pay your student loans, and Columbus Day is the only weekday you get off in October. In your future you'll be saying I was such an idiot in college, remember when I used to hate this holiday.

  4. Conceptually problematic  

    You can say that America didn't need to be "discovered" because there were already people here, but the idea that the native humans "discovered" the man who did the whole "leaving his continent for another" thing is pretty incoherent.

  5. Anonymous  

    Completely hypocritical, acknowledge the holiday or change the name back to kings college

  6. seriously  

    ^ okay why is everyone at this school so basic tho.

  7. anon  


  8. obv  

    your heart is in the right place which is comforting

    oh shit

  9. A guy

    Will someone explain to me why we don't actually get Columbus Day off though? Is it actually because of the political thing or some scheduling reason? It'd be really unfortunate if it's because of the holiday's "nature". I wouldn't even mind calling it "Day of Indigenous Resistance" as long as we got off for it.

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