Mad Libs: Getting an Extension Edition

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You, chilling and watching Netflix after you send this email

You watching Netflix after you send this email

Momma Bwog knows school is stressful, and she knows that sometimes, you just don’t feel like doing work/would rather watch old episodes of Charmed. So here is Bwog’s template for asking your professor for an extension–insert your own words for every underlined phrase.

Dear Professor _____,

I am in your boring giant lecture class. I’m writing to you to beg you for, in a less embarrassing way, an extension for the upcoming stupid paper/problem set which I’ve no excuse not to have planned for. Unfortunately, I will be unable to complete it before the deadline, phrased in way that makes it seem farther off than it is. I have experienced some antonym of familiar difficulties doing my work this week due to the stress of tragic yet not catastrophic family emergency. I’ve spent a lot of time any activity indicating emotional turmoil EXCEPT drinking lately, instead of focusing on my studies. Additionally, I have pick a reasonable number and add 2 midterms this week. I think that seeking an extension is the best way to preserve my Ask Alice buzzwords.

I should be able to finish the damn assignment by date in the near but not imminent future. Thank you for words which mean “understanding my pain” AND “not calling me out on being lazy”.

Adverb which conveys respect and hope for mercy,

Your name

maybe add a title which will make you seem responsible/hardworking

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  1. good job bwog!  

    ha ha this is really funny! good job bwog!

  2. lol  

    wtf this response is so weird and random yet effective

    who are you you are a genius are you god

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