Columbia Athletics Filming Another Football Video

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Yesterday, Bwog saw a film crew from Blue Chip Films shooting a group of football players. According to the two guys manning an expensive-looking RED camera, they were making a promo for Columbia’s football team. (Other Blue Chip clients include Starbucks, AT&T, Trojan condoms, and Kidz Bop.)

Stalker photos via Kevin Chen

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  1. Anonymous  

    Yeah! After we lose the big game, let's go beat up some Chinese kids!

  2. Asleep dude with the beard in the first photo...  

    ...has the right idea.

  3. Anonymous  

    I don't pay thousands of dollars for this bullshit... Fuck the fool who decided that universities and serious athletics should be forced together in this ridiculous way.

    • Anon  

      You're right, you don't pay thousands of dollars for this. Athletics is funded by alumni donations. Kraft and Campbell pay for this.

      • Anonymous  

        Uh, Columbia University as a whole is a nonprofit funded by alum donations. When our development staff enticed Kraft and Campbell to donate inordinate sums to the world's most incompetent jocks instead of the rest of CU, they took that money from the rest of us. Don't trot out that argument.

        • Anon  

          You make it sound as if you are entitled to Kraft and Campbell's money. They earned it and they felt as if football was important enough in their lives that they wanted to donate what they earned back to the program. Why does that upset you? They have also donated generously to the university itself. I'm not trotting out any argument, I'm just presenting facts...

          • 2nd anon  

            1) We are entitled to their money by virtue of their position. Seats on an Ivy League Board of Trustees have a price (not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that) and they paid it.

            Donations aren't necessarily a zero-sum game but I think it's safe to assume that if Athletics was just operated like a normal part of student life then the money it takes in (yes, more than any actual school on Giving Day, as they like to point out) would go to other programs. Some are poor and all have world-class participants.

            2) Kraft and Campbell are entitled to spend their cash on pleasure however they like. However, I think the fact that giving money to the vanity project that is Athletics counts as a deductible charitable donation, same as financial aid or money for starving children, is a little ridiculous.

      • Anonymous  

        fucking false. look at your fucking student life fee. the largest portion goes to athletics. more than CUIT, more than every fucking club combined.

    • Bill Campbell  

      You rang?

  4. Well

    You gotta be a special kinda of idiot in the first place to a) join the worst division 1 team in history b) being proud that this program conditions you to be a loser c) I dare you to find one person envious of a football player at Columbia d) get hyped to play a game in front of sometimes less than 100 fans e) calling them fans is a stretch more like idiot moms and dads who are paying big bucks to condition you into a loser

    So ya I'd say it takes a special kind of idiot to play Columbia football

  5. Is this  

    The same group who made the columbia video that came out last week? Because that thing was legit amazing.

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