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Bwog can't believe this a real picture

Bwog can’t believe this a real picture

In case you haven’t heard, Bwog is great at giving relationship advice in response to our totally sincere tips begging for help. Bwog has set out to answer this tipster’s dilemma regarding keeping sex sexy (and not in the NSOP way), because they’re definitely not trolls. If you or a “so I have this friend” have any questions, send them on over to or use our anonymous tip form.

Dear Bwog,

We’ve been together for a while and we’re both taking six classes. In short, the sex has gotten boring. Help!

Dear First-World-Sex-Problem-Bwogger,

If it makes you feel better, Bwog is not taking six classes and not even getting laid. So, let’s note the obvious, shall we? YOU ARE HAVING SEX, THAT’S ALREADY PRETTY DAMN GREAT (especially at Columbia).

Depending on the reason(s) for which sex is boring, Bwog will tip accordingly:

(a) You are too busy because you are taking sex six classes

Take advantage of the fact that you are outside of the bedroom more often than not to have sex places you haven’t before (though Bwog did not intend to suggest new positions here, feel free to interpret as such). It will be different, exciting, and time saving.

(b) It’s become a bit of a routine

No worries, this happens even to couples who haven’t been together for long. Hopefully, tip #1 can help, but if it doesn’t, keep in mind that communication is key! Break the routine, do it at another time of the day and talk about stuff you’ve been wanting to try out and haven’t gotten a chance to do it. Sex shouldn’t be considered a must but lust!

(c) At the end of the day you’d rather, sleep/eat/relax than have sex…

Get your priorities right. If you can have sex (especially at Columbia), just do it! Not to mention that sex will help you sleep, there will be eating involve and you’ll most definitely be relaxed after. It’s a utilitarian argument, perhaps, but your priorities should be set straight/gay.

(d) Actually, come to think of it, you now realize that it’s not because you are taking too many classes…

Okay. Well this is awkward. If like Plato you think that the love of learning is better than the love of sex (Republic, 403a), then that shouldn’t be a problem. However, assuming your note is because you’d want sex to be less boring, Bwog highly suggests that you make time to have sex more often. The more you have sex, the more you’ll want it. It’s a rule. Plus, practice makes perfect!

(e) All of the above

Go to 1,020. Find a new someone. That’s where Bwog will be.

Hope this helps. Perhaps drop a class next semester? Better be busy fucking than fucking busy.

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.


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  1. Anonymous  

    Taking 6 classes = terrible idea. Don't!

  2. Anonymous  

    who the f writes 1,020 instead of 1020

  3. King  

    One thing I never understood is this:

    Feminists say that nobody is entitled to sex or to a relationship. Fine. So why they do they force the good citizen (tax payers) to pay for condoms, birth control, and abortions so that people can have sex? Why do they always say "It's not fair to people who can't afford those things that they can't have sex"? Double standards and hypocrisy.

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