Mad Libs: Class Skippin’

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*kanye shrug*
*kanye shrug*

Oops sorry

Going to classes is hard, especially when you have 3 midterms and 5 papers to handle. Not to worry, though, Bwog’s got you covered with this perfect mad libs email to let your teacher know why you missed your FroSci discussion class.

Dear Professor (your professor’s name),

It gives me great (emotion) to inform you that I will not be able to attend (name of class) on (date of class). It turns out that I have to attend the (major life event) of my (distant family member). I am so sorry for the short notice of (small number) hours. I didn’t find out about it until (slightly bigger number) hours ago. Also, I have been feeling (emotion) ever since I found out that (restaurant) no longer serves (snack food). And because, as you are probably aware, I broke my (medical-sounding word) two months ago, I have been unable to move from my (piece of furniture) and have resorted to typing with my (body part other than hands). This also explains why I still haven’t turned in that assignment on (subject-specific buzzword) that was due (large number) weeks ago. In short, there is no possible way that I can attend class, and if you happen to see me in (place you study), it’s not me; you’re probably just confusing me with (name of another student in the class). Thank you in advance for your understanding in this (synonym for hellish) time.

(your name)

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  1. will_mcauliff  

    There needs to be a word in English to describe something that is simultaneously funny and sad/painful. I would use it to describe this article. I laughed, but hit close to home..

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