ESC: Professional Level Courses Are Outta Here

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A member of the class of 2018.

A member of the class of 2018.

Keenan Albee reports the latest SEAS change.

Breaking news from last night’s ESC meeting: requirements for a SEAS degree will be changing—if you’re a high school senior, that is.

SEAS Vice Dean Kachani dropped by, making public the announcement that professional level course requirements will be dropped—though still recommended—beginning with the class of 2018. From the official press release:

“Starting with the class of 2018, undergraduates will no longer be required to take a professional course unless these courses are required for the major. Students will have the option to take one or more of these courses in order to obtain a substantive introduction to a particular discipline. Students who are exploring different majors as their future area of study are especially encouraged to take a professional course.”

A unanimous vote by the Committee on Instruction removed the requirement after active talks with ESC, faculty, and department chairs. The aim of the impending change is to increase curriculum flexibility, following a reassessment of the need for professional level courses with the adoption of The Art of Engineering, ENGI 1006, and various major-information events for first-years.

But wait, there’s more! Based on feedback from ESC, the possibility of an opt-in to the policy for the class of 2017 is being explored, effectively allowing first-years to adhere to the new rules. Officials hope to share the final word on this potential opt-in policy by November 15th. Either way, note that the new SEAS requirements will have absolutely no impact whatsoever on current sophomores and upperclassmen—sorry guys.

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