John Jay Is Less Of An Inferno For Its Workers

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Bwog imagines this is how they cooled down the kitchen, except much less dramatic.

Bwog imagines this is how they cooled down the kitchen, except much less dramatic.

Do you think it’s uncomfortably warm in the serving area of John Jay, and can’t wait to escape to your (slightly) cooler table? Well, that “uncomfortably warm” is about 1,000 degrees hotter in the actual kitchens, where Dining workers make your food in Saharan conditions. SWS has been pushing for reforms in the kitchens on behalf of the JJ workers; yesterday, they met with Scott Wright of Dining Services to once more address the working conditions in the JJ cafeteria. While the administration is still working on long-term ventilation solutions, yesterday’s meeting put forward some stopgap measures to temporarily improve the temperature:

  • The pizza ovens have permanently been turned off as of October 9, 2013.
  • Induction burners, which release less heat, will be installed in the spring.
  • Dining Menus will be modified during the warm season (April 15-October 15) to reduce the use of heat-producing equipment.
  • Alternative short-sleeve uniforms will be made available to workers who wish to wear them.
  • Scott Wright has proposed the installation of publicly visible thermometers to ensure that temperatures are keep at an appropriate level and can be monitored by anyone at all times.

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  1. surprised  

    awhhh scotty thanks

  2. Anonymous

    Jane Brennan and SWS: thanks for embodying that Columbia spirit for which we all aspire.

  3. Anon  

    I know the Workers have it bad and all, but My dorm is easily 100 degrees at all times since the heat came up and im paying 60k a year to be here, not getting paid. Maybe we can have some people advocating for student rights. Heat control maybe?

  4. that's

    massah scott wright t' yah

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