It’s the Great Bwog Costume Contest, Charlie Brown.

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Hope we’re more impressed with your costumes than she is with this pumpkin.

Maybe you already celebrated Halloween this past weekend and are loath to pull out your worse-for-the-wear costume for another round. Maybe you had counted on waiting in line at Ricky’s for several hours at the last minute for something you could wear once and then deny any photographic evidence that you ever wore it. Maybe your Halloween plans centered around watching movies on your computer and eating candy a night in Butler.

These are all just lame excuses for skipping out on this year’s Bwog costume contest.

Deadline for submission is November 1st 3rd by midnight, allowing you to better revel in the drunk costumed pics from the night before. Prize is a six pack. Go crazy and Happy Halloween.

That’s actually a pretty cool pumpkin via ShutterStock

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  1. wait  

    but so many people will be celebrating on Friday night, why not extend the deadline?

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