Twilight Part Five?!

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ZOMG guys, Kristen Stewart’s on campus!!!!!

According to a few tipsters sticking it out on campus over break, the ever-edgy, awkward lip-biting Twilight star is hanging out in Lerner filming something. And not just in Lerner, but in Ferris Booth. Maybe she’s playing another angsty student? Will the Kent attic be utilized as another vampire lair?? The questions are endless. Since Bwog is a bit too far away to run to Lerner, please tip with any pictures/other gossip!

Update 1:05 pm

Kstew is the brunette with her head turned toward the LLC, we promise.

Kstew is the brunette with her head turned toward the LLC, we promise.

Before getting kicked out, Bwog learned that the film is apparently called “Anesthesia” (however, the security guard wouldn’t spell it for us and Bwog couldn’t find anything online about Kristen Stewart being in any upcoming films besides Sils Maria and Camp X-Ray, neither of which seem to be the kind of movie for which Ferris is an appropriate set), and that photography is highly discouraged. This Bwogger was able to identify KStew by eyesight (she’s in a jean jacket, standing on the far left), but couldn’t get a picture of her face.

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  1. Anonymous

    She's applying to Columbia.

  2. Anonymous  

    I walked right through the frame this morning outside of Kent. Awkward.

  3. Hmm

    Lerner was intentionally designed to be useless but attractive so Columbia could easily whore it out to Hollywood.

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