Tree Lights Going Up On College Walk

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If you’re returning to campus after a fall break filled with family, hometown friends, and studying lazing around in bed, you’ll notice that Facilities has started to install lights on the College Walk trees. Stay tuned for an announcement for the tree-lighting ceremony in a week or so.

hallelujah glory on high

The lights are actually lit before the ceremony to test them. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

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  1. Hardhat  

    Yay, I'm famous.

  2. seas '13 alum

    I didn't go to homecoming, but I am coming back for this year's tree lighting!

  3. No Love

    for Thanksgiving.... in a week or so is a week or so too soon. Let's not rush our holidays, C.U. Respect the turkey, stuffing and booze binge.

  4. Pun Crock

    Wow, why is he doing this? This is high TREAson, I hope he LEAVES that tree alone! He should emBARK on something else.

    • Sad Alum

      1. Alan! Is that you?

      2. : (

      Sigh. So the only time I was able to make it to the tree lighting ceremony was freshman year, and every single year afterwards I'd have class at exactly the same they'd be distributing free hot chocolate and general holiday cheer.
      :( :( :( 4eversad:( :( :(

  5. rape culture

    that is all.

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