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Bwog checked in on everyone’s favorite hair supply store/salon/costume depot after the annual mad dash for last minute costumes that is Halloween and chatted up store manager Jesus, who went as Kanye West for Halloween, about the surprisingly normal week the store had.

Bwog: Just a back of the envelope approximation, how many costumes did you go through this Halloween?

Ricky’s: Well we sell costumes all year round, you know for the big events like Purim and I don’t know, flapper parties at Columbia, but we got about 200 boxes of costumes and we’re only sending back 30. We like to keep the bestsellers for later in the year, but I’d guess we sold about 75% or our costumes. Also pretty much everyone that comes here is from Columbia. All of them.

Bwog: That answers the next question, what are the leftovers?

Ricky’s: I guess so. The best sellers this year were probably Wonder Woman and then some of the costumes that we make ourselves. Breaking bad, the hazmat suit sold well, and so did this Banksy costume. We usually do a sale the day after Halloween but it was about as busy on November 1st as it was the day of because the weekend and all the parties then.

Bwog: Alright. Did anything weird happen?

Ricky’s: Nothing too weird, not like the store down on 30th which was absolutely insane. We have a lot of cash register problems so the line wraps around the store. We sold out of cat ears, actually any kind of animal ears about two days before Halloween and we had so many people coming in asking for some. They had to get something else.

Bwog: What would you say is the most ridiculous costume you sell?

Ricky’s: Well most of the ridiculous costumes are the XX ones that we sell (reluctant to talk about it) but I think the weirdest one was this guy comes in and wants to go as a boob—like a giant boob costume. And then his friend comes in and wants that costume too. So I guess they went as a pair of boobs for Halloween (laughs nervously).

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  1. Def Not Banksy ;)  

    What kind of idiot buys a Banksy costume? isn't that just a sweatshirt and spray can?

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