JJ’s Place Gets Inspected

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spoiler alert: nothing this delicious actually exists in jj’s place

Hide yo burgers, hide yo fries, ‘cuz they’re inspectin’ everybody out here. Bwog has received multiple reports that New York health inspectors showed up at JJ’s Place today, apparently unannounced (much like a bed intruder). Looks like JJ’s might become BFFs with Absolute Bagel and m2m.

According to one tipster:

Tonight in JJs around 6:45PM an apparent health inspector came down the stairs and all of a sudden the kitchen staff starts yelling “health inspector!” and they grab all of the food off the counter (handfuls of fries, baskets of cheeseburgers, and everything else on the counter) and started throwing it away. This was after I already had a burger and fries…

And another tip, sent 45 minutes later:

Absolute chaos in JJ’s place around 6:30 pm tonight. All of a sudden, JJs employees began throwing away all of the salads, eggs, omelets, omelets materials, and lots of the other food around. Employees were telling students that a health inspector showed up and they had to throw things away and stop serving certain things for the time being to pass inspection. Only 2 employees remained behind the counter, serving only burgers and curly fries, leading to a massive backup. Can’t believe at such a prestigious school we can’t pass NY health standards without faking it.

WHAT? You mean JJ’s DOESN’T cook with only the finest ingredients and exotic spices? But Columbia Dining is such a prestigious culinary institution! Alas, alas, let’s be real — sometimes Bwog wonders if its diet is mainly comprised of mouse shit and curly fries.

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  1. Anonymous  

    I hope that the inspector sees this
    cuz thats nastayyy

  2. Anonymous  

    I swear, if they shut down JJ's I will no-shit start a revolution. I will fight for my right to utterly wreck my health with delicious pig-slop.

  3. Terrifiedstudent  

    I saw cockroaches in JJ's so maybe it'd be nice if they failed so this could be fixed because this is just gross.

  4. Hahahahah  

    Oh my gosh this is embarrassing...they KNOW they're serving food that could get them shut down lolzzz

  5. Anonymous  

    thanks de blasio

  6. well  

    isn't this sort of what like every student here does...not to what they're supposed to be doing in theory (i.e. at the reading), but come the three days of a take-home test or something, they have all appearances of having their shit together?

  7. clearly  

    none of you guys have ever worked in a restaurant, have you?

  8. Hey!

    This isn't Men U, this isnt Menu University. It Columbia. WHy you think students are supposed 2 have workd in one? Go to Cheffield England for study abroad

  9. lol  

    These responses make it really clear how few people at this school have worked in food service...

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