Love Still Exists

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Because there’s no location more romantic than the Low Steps at 4 pm on a November afternoon, an amorous young couple just got engaged there! With, of course, the help of Columbia’s most romantic a cappella group The Kingsmen. Bwog got a little too excited about this and assembled a team of videographers to document the occasion, captured in all its overcast glory below. Oddly enough, neither party is a Columbia alum or affiliated with the Kingsmen—guess you can hire them freelance? Hopefully this will boost your mid-November spirits and make you believe in love again. Our hearts were certainly warmed.

Spoiler alert: she said yes.

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  1. Anonymous  

    ugh vertical video

  2. Anonymous  

    that was awkward

  3. lol  

    the song was so long and awkward but too cute :)

  4. Anonymous

    Congrats to the engaged couple. Band still wins, though.

  5. Dude...

    He couldn't even take off that goofy hat?

    Still sweet though

  6. Anonymous

    Congrats! Columbia is so romantic.

  7. anon  

    ugh public proposals. none of the intimacy, all of the peer pressure

  8. Anonymous  

    This video went on for the longest time.

  9. Anonymous

    sitting awkwardly>standing awkwardly and there are mad steps on the Lower Steps

  10. Anonymous

    "I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once." - John Green

    To a couple that proves that there will always be a place for each other in their lives, particularly in their hearts.


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