Malala Yousafzai Filming In Barnard Quad

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Bwog heard that Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai is in Barnard quad right now. According to a tip, she’s “being filmed talking to some lady.” If you have more information, please let us know at Or use the anonymous tip form.

Update, 2:15:

Sania Khalid tips that “Malala is here for an interview with cbs! She stopped and talked to me about why she is here in Urdu!” and even got to take a picture with Malala (below).

Can't really tell it's her though.

Can’t really tell it’s her though.

Beautiful people, shining faces

Beautiful people, shining faces


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  1. Goose

    Do you really have "perhaps shoot is not the best way to describe it" as a tag? Unbelievable.


    Shes sooooooo cool!

  3. anon  

    is she still here?

  4. A Pakistani

    I'm so proud of this brave young woman. I'd personally love to see her go to Columbia.

  5. Anonymous

    this fucking style of writing is so immature. buzzfeed and bwog and rega jha are so annoying

  6. anon  

    Shoot i missed her

  7. Anonymous

    I hope she goes to Barnard.

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