Cupcakes and Brownies and Cookies Oh My!

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This is an actual picture of an actual cupcake that Sonya actually baked

This is an actual picture of an actual cupcake that Sonya actually baked

This week Bwog received a tip about a student, Sonya Li, who baked a ludicrous amount of baked goods last week. Unfortunately she sold them for money instead of distributing them to downtrodden passersby on College Walk free of charge (just kidding, kidding). Fortunately, she sold them for a good cause. Bwogtastic Bwogger Heather Akumiah gets the lowdown on the throwdown.

Bwog: Rumors have been running wild about your baking– is it true that you made 300+ baked goods to raise money for charity?

Sonya: I have been baking like crazy last week; I made about 300 cookies, 150 brownies, and 50 cupcakes for a bake sale. It took two days and around 12 hours.

Bwog: What cause were you raising money for?

Sonya: I was raising money for typhoon relief in the Philippines. I’ve been following the news of the devastation closely and I was really touched by the hardships that areas such as Tacloban currently face, and will continue to face for a long time. Together, with the support of Columbia TASA and Liga Filipina, we raised about $3000 that we will send to NAFCON, Tzu Chi and Habitat for Humanity (we’re hoping to get the donations matched as well!). After heckling all passersby on Low Steps, we made around $2000 on the days that I sold my desserts. But I’m not the only contributor; Columbia Kappas, AAA, and Liga Filipina also worked hard.

Bwog: What’s your favorite thing to bake?

Sonya: I’m actually not much of a baker; I prefer cooking. My favorite dishes are anything of traditional Chinese origin.

Bwog: Any good recipes for oregano brownies?

Sonya: Oregano brownies seem…. bizarre (although I feel like you’re getting at something else). I think I’m only allowed to talk about walnut ones here…. but those are pretty fantastic in their own sense.


Interview has been edited for brevity.

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