Baking with Bwog: Brownies

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With Thanksgiving coming up, you’re probably starting to think of recipes that will really wau wow the family. This not-so-secret Oregano brownie recipe– yes, Oregano, if anyone asks, Oregano— is easier to make than you thought  absolutely delicious and will have you craving more.

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  1. ack. please fix this  

    if you simmer that amount of oil and oregano for 2-6 hours, you will end up with a dark dry crust on the bottom of a ruined pan. My guess is that the recipe asked need to bring it to a simmer then let it steep for 2-6 hour.

  2. Blunts in Butler  


  3. Questions on Kitchen  

    So was that a kitchen in an NYU dorm? I'm basing it off the fact that he had an NYU platter.

    Because if so, I'm just gonna be a commuter student next year.

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