QuickSpec: That Which Must Not Be Named

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PrezBo stares down upon us with all of his power

PrezBo stares down upon us with all of his power

We’re going to briefly resurrect an old, old feature, to bring you word from people who are still talking about that thing we’re not talking about. Because honestly, it’s hard to keep your mouth shut once PrezBo says something, so check out what amounts to letters to and from Sammy Roth.

  • Basically, people have been getting in a tizzy over athletics–specifically WRT the f-word–and the blame is being placed on Pete Mangurian,the team’s coach, and M. Dianne Murphy, the Athletic Director who we can’t remember ever responding to an email or answering one of our calls
  • First, the alums got mad, with Jake Novak, CC’92, calling for the firing of Murphy and Mangurian.
  • Next up, Spec’s editorial board themselves called for the firing of Murphy.
  • Then yesterday, PrezBo stood up, calmly raised a hand for silence, and went on and on about how good our other teams are. Yay them!
  • And finally, last night some alums (and former you-know-what players) demanded that Mangurian be replaced. But, uh, yeah, according to PrezBo Mangurian and Murphy are sticking around as long as they want. So it goes.

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  1. who cares  

    columbia athletics is a joke anyway

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