A Wild Flagpole Appears!

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Despite the apparent apathy of the general studies students, the GS flagpole went up in front of Lewisohn earlier this week. It’s intended to help integrate general studies students with the rest of the undergraduates…somehow. There’s supposed to be a flag-raising ceremony sometime later this week, according to Spec.

General studies flagpole

The finishing touches

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  1. Fuck the flagpole

    We don't need no stiking flagpole.

  2. Anonymous

    Where's the SEAS Flag in front of Hartley / Admissions Office?

  3. Can't resist

    I guess they're literally running this idea up the flag pole.

  4. GS '14  

    The flag is a big fucking deal for some of us. Great photo, Bwog!

  5. Anonymous

    Fool! You have no idea which these obamamakers are flying!

  6. Run it up the flag pole and see
    Who salutes,
    But no one ever does

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