Bwog Asked: What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving?

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Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

Yes, we know you were all waiting for this question in our Bwog Asked series. Tonight, Bwoggers ventured to Butler to see what all of you are doing for the impending Thanksgiving break.

Smoker’s Plaza

  • Going home to Maryland
  • Going to my Grandma’s house in Queens
  • Going home and Black Friday shopping because it’s the first year I’m allowed to (my mom used to think I would get trampled)

2nd Floor

  • Bartending 3 times. And feasting with my roommates
  •  *blank, sad stare* nothing
  • Family dinner with friends from Mexico
  • Going with my girlfriend’s friend’s family to upstate New York
  • Laughing at the shit my grandparents say
  • Going home to my house in Philadelphia
  • Going home, nothing too crazy

3rd Floor

  • Going home
  • Catching up on work
  • Eating lots of food!
  • Probably watching a lot of Pretty Little Liars

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  1. YES  

    Can CCSC or someone or the U Senate push for changing this shitty calendar where we have a random two days off for fall break and a short ass vacation for Thanksgiving? Why can't we just have those other two days off now instead so we can get the whole week off?

  2. Blunts in Butler  

    I'm getting really fucking stoned. Gonna make some special pumpkin bread.

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