Dance Marathon Shout-Out From The LA Lakers

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In what might be the next best thing to having famous basketball folk on campus at random times during the year, the LA Lakers gave the Columbia Dance Marathon a nice little shout-out video. The marathon ran from the 23-24th this weekend.

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  1. real question  

    who's daddy is a big shot at the Lakers and got them to make this?

  2. Imagine

    you were a Lakers fan. If you had a daughter would you name her Leigh Kerr? How about Elle A. Leigh Kerr?

  3. Sherry J. Wolf  

    I find this ridiculously offensive. Since when is the attention of the establishment of racist, sexist misogynist hegemony a good thing? Shame on Columbia. Have we still not learned the lessons of Zuccotti Park?

  4. Johnny  

    This is Johnny Knoxville and I approve of this message.

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